1st Dev log .......26/10/2017.......


This is my 1st time making a dev log, ill try concentrating on talking about history of game and the future.

Last semester i had a task to create an interactive game in unity for my Game Design class, thankfully i have alredy played NieR:Automata by that time so i had a clear mind on what i wanted to do. Most and i do mean MOST of game relations work on Trigger entering, everytime something hits something a chain reaction of relations go on in scripts lol, there are so many hidden triggers in this game i even wonder how i got to slap it together in first place lol.

Ill talk about what i did during the last semester to get where i am right now with game functionality and mechanics.

Game mechanics:

- The envoirement actually scrolls towards the player, this is a common practice in shoot em up games where background is just scrolling and enemies are spawning behind screen at right time and right place

- I have made the enemy spawners hold value of threes, there are 5 types of enemies of which i can choose for one spawner to spawn at certain time passed in game. ( there are currently 3 directions enemies might come at us , front and sides. those  spawners are spawning at random location on one axis.

- On earlier spawners i have made that so simplier enemies spawn , but there is a chance that a batch of 3 is spawned early on as i have a random number rooling through chance for that to happen.

- Enemies approach fast until they hit the outer most layer of my Trigger which slows them down+ activates their weapons.

- Weapons are simple they always shoot if turned on of course, i have made 2 types of bullets destructable and indestructable.

- All entities are moving only on x,y axis, meaning game has no up dimension.

- Aiming is done by raycast coming from camera , with that players nose of the ship always looks at end of the raycast(gamepad is more straightforward with sticks)

- The menu is simply using the GUI on button presses, which also listens and stops time.

Well those must be the most interesting relations happening in game, i am forgetting alot, so if you have any questions do askk them and ill reply to you right away or feature your question on next Dev log. Basically as every healthy student in theirs early 20s i started this project only a month before due date. as of right now i have passed the class before summer after long summer break i want to continue the project  and see just how much more fun ill have during development this fan game.

This is  where i wish to go with this game in near future. There is small list of things that i want to patch/rebalance.


- bullet sounds (from multiplayingly spamming)

- rebalance difficulty (maybe limit enemy spawns at some choke points)

- replace music with 8bit version  would be next

- improve the boss battle (as of right now you can break his all shields without him even approaching screen, so maybe ill make his path coming from side towards top of the screen, flying around, turning and using all kinds of timed attacks)

- impliment health bar above enemies (it will fade in above them after they take damage)

- starting area map redesign ( as of right now the begining area is very simple, i would like to spend some time in 3Ds Max in future making some more complex props for buildings, rocks, trees, vegetation etc)

After all these quite important changes are taken care of, ill start implimenting broader game mechanics,(maybe ship upgrades based on score, additional shields etc). 

As of right now ill be able to realisticly handle these tasks in 2 weeks time if im  not extra lazy.

Thank You for reading my first Dev Log

Azriel Jale 

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